#1 Training Program for Current & Aspiring Professional Dancers

The secret to advancing your dance career without expensive prep classes or decades of studio experience.

Do You...

...think you need to have tons of studio training from world-renowned teachers, be the most flexible, and spend gazillions of dollars on audition outfits and prep classes to land a job in the dance industry? ❌

Are You... a town without access to professional instructors to advance your dance skills? ❌

Have You...

...been totally lost when trying to put together a dance reel, headshots, or dance resume? ❌

Can you imagine...

  • Hearing your name announced in front of your friends and family when the final team is called
  • Getting that email confirmation with the words “CONGRATS” on it after booking the job
  • Feeling confident in your freestyle, technique, interview skills, and appearance during your next audition
  • Sitting totally calm when warming up around other contestants because you KNOW you’ve got this
  • Looking in the mirror and feel stoked about your fitness, nutrition, and endurance levels
  • Jumpstarting your dance career without having to go at it alone

If any of this sounds like a dream, we want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And we know that, because we've been exactly where you are now and have created a comprehensive system to help you achieve your goals.

That’s why we can't wait to introduce you to the Pro Dance League Training Program

If you're ready to dance,


The all-in-one resource for aspiring & current professional dancers that want to advance their career without the stress and confusion of navigating the industry alone.

Perfect for dancers who want to build confidence, learn from industry pros, build your dance network, and ultimately get hired.

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With the Pro Dance Prep Program...



Feeling alone and lost on how to stand out in auditions, and unsure who to ask for help.

Navigating the audition process and pro dance world without spending thousands of dollars on expensive classes.

Feeling insecure and experiencing imposter syndrome, thinking you aren't prepared enough to land the job. 

Pushing through your insecurities in an audition setting and feeling confident with your technique, interview skills, and appearance.

Feeling hesitant to sign up for the audition, allowing fear to hold you back. 

Running to auditions because you know YOU GOT THIS.

If you're ready to accelerate your training and grow as a professional dancer, but you need someone who's been-there-done-that to guide the way...

We created the Pro Dance Training Program for you!

Training doesn't just have to be in the studio

Dance on your schedule, from anywhere in the world. With a variety of styles and levels, PDL is an innovative, affordable, and convenient way to train with the pros.

So, what is the Pro Dance Training Program anyways?

Your dream starts with taking the next step.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Have trained with choreographers from the NFL, NBA, Las Vegas, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Cirque du Soleil, Millennium Dance, and more!
  • Watched Masterclasses on exactly how to fill out your dance resume, where to buy audition wear, improve your mindset, build your confidence, and improve your technique.
  • Joined a networking community of fellow dancers, found auditions through our audition job board, and learned exactly which products you need to achieve sweat-proof beauty!

No more second guessing. No more stress. No more feeling alone.

Here's how the program breaks down...



On-Demand Dance Tutorials

Take class on demand from anywhere in the world via the web or app.

Enjoy 25+ classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Pom, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, and Heels on your schedule.



Video Library 

Stream video lessons on mindset, confidence, freestyle tips, fitness, turns, kicks, and more.


Networking Community

Access a Facebook group only visible to our dance community. Here you can ask questions, get advice, find audition info, and connect with other professional dancers from around the world.


Level Up Your Look Resource 

Access our audition lookbook filled with audition-wear inspo and shopping links! Plus, get direct links to the PDL sweat proof makeup, jewelry, and dance shoes/heels recommendations. 

Train with dancers who have been in your (dance) shoes...


Wright State University, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Crawford Jazz Project, Walt Disney World


Cirque du Soleil, MGM, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Millennium Las Vegas


Edgar Godineaux, Hamilton Evans, Janelle Ginestra, Willdabeast Adams


Atlanta Falcons Cheer (including Super Bowl 51), halftime shows with Ludacris & Ivete Sangalo, Disney World

Just to name a few. :)

Enroll in the Pro Dance Training Program today!

Choose the best plan for you...

  • 25+ Dance Tutorials (Valued at $550)
  • Video Training Series (Valued at $260)
  • Networking Community (Valued at $99)
  • Level Up Your Look Resource (Valued at $145)
  • Bonus: Copy + Paste Resume Templates (Valued at $45)
  • Bonus: Virtual Auditions Tech List (Valued at $25)
  • Bonus: Up-To-Date Audition Resource Board (Valued at $79)
  • Flexibility and stretch workshops with Erica Lin (Valued at $99)

Value = $1,302



ENROLL (One Day Only)

Enroll today and you'll also
get access to these bonuses...


Copy + Paste Resume Template

Our founder Marissa literally uploaded her exact resume template, and wants you to steal it!

Plus, we have 3 other resume templates with a modern yet professional vibe.

($45 value)


Virtual Auditions Tech List

With more and more auditions moving online, we've compiled all the video tech and equipment you'll need to submit your perfect online audition tape!

($25 value)


Audition Resource Board

We know navigating other audition boards or keeping up with Instagram audition announcements can be overwhelming.

So we've done the work for you and compiled an audition resource all in one place!

($79 value)


Stretch & Flexibility Tutorials with Erica Lin

With nearly 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube Channel, Erica Lin has become the Internet's go-to resource on flexibility and stretching.

Pro Dance League is honored to have Erica teach a full 1 Hour and 11 minute full body stretch class, as well as a 58 minute tutorial bonus on improving your kicks.

($99 value)

Current Training Program Students


The Pro Dance League Guarantee

We're behind you 100%!

Here's the truth.

We can't assure everyone they will land the gig (though we would totally hire you if we could!).

But, we can guarantee the content and support we've put together is unlike any resource out there.

A Note From Our Founder...

I'm Marissa.

(On your right :)) After wrapping up my career in professional dance, I began my journey as a pro dance coach. I realized there were few (if any) resources for dancers who wanted to advance in dance competitively, on a team, or as a performer. Most classes were aimed towards young dancers, and were limited to late at night when junior students were done. I wanted an online resource where I could take classes from anywhere, on my schedule.

So, I created it.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skill, connect with fellow dancers, stay fit, or just keep the art of dance in your life…PDL is here for you.

<3, Marissa

Our choreographers have worked at...

We can't wait to welcome you into the Pro Dance League!

Are you ready to make the team or land the job in 2021?


We hope you're as excited as we are to start pushing through mindset boundaries, train with the pros in the industry, start making money doing what you love, stand out at auditions, and keep growing with the best platform for comprehensive dance resources!


This program is perfect for dancers in these industries: 

  • Pro Sports teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, minor league, etc.)
  • Competitive teams
  • Theme park performers
  • Cruise ship dancers 
  • Freelance / gig performers 
  • Show dancers 

Not in any of these categories? Shoot us an email ([email protected]) and we can chat more about your specific goals! 

You've got questions?

We've got answers.

Enroll in the Pro Dance Training Program today!

Choose the best plan for you...

  • Resume building
  • Creating dance reels
  • Headshot tips
  • Audition attire
  • Maximize your mindset
  • Confidence building
  • Dance video tutorials
  • Fitness workouts
  • Grow your dance network
  • Virtual audition tips
  • Freestyle guide
  • Interview advice
  • Career guidance
  • Auditions "job board"